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August 2021 Community Newsletter

August 5, 2021 12:48 pm


We are so glad you’ve chosen to live in Homestead. Our community is staged for a leap in growth this next year, so we hope you are ready! Each month we will send out a newsletter via email to update residents on what’s going on in the neighborhood, or remind you of rules, and share information. Please reach out to hoa@brightoncorp.com should you have any questions. We are looking forward to working with you all in building up this beautiful community!

Important Watering Schedule

New Dry Creek has yet to announce any irrigation shortage or early turnoff for Homestead, but we do want residents to be prepared if it comes. Any shortfall in irrigation will require residents to supplement with their house water and hose. Because of this possible shortage, it’s important that all our residents are following the established water schedule:

· Even ending addresses water Monday, Wednesday, Friday

· Odd ending addresses water Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

· Sunday is a makeup day for the common areas.

We encourage good watering habits, and hope everyone will be mindful of what they are watering and when they are watering. The Association will be making adjustments to the common areas as well. If we all do our part as a community, we will finish out the season well.


We have a few committees that we have established and are looking for volunteers. If interested in joining any of the below noted committees please contact Ann Marie at hoa@brightoncorp.com today.

  • ACC (Architectural Control Committee): this 3 person committee reviews requests made by residents for improving their homes.
  • Advisory Committee: this committee meets quarterly to discuss what’s happening in the community, review financials, and make suggestions to the Board.
  • Event Committee: we are asked about events all the time, but lack anyone who wants to take the lead in organizing and running an event. If we get a group together (many hands make light work) we may be able to get some community events started.

Pool Parking

The pool has seen a lot of use this season, and we’re so happy residents are enjoying this amenity. We do, however, want to encourage residents to walk or ride their bikes to the pool, and avoid driving a vehicle so that parking does not impede others coming in and out of the community.

If you have not yet received a pool key, you may stop in the Brighton office at 2929 W. Navigator Dr. Suite 400, Meridian, ID 83642, Mon-Thurs 8am-4:30pm and Fri 8am-noon, and pick one up from the receptionist.


The Homestead community encourages the pack in pack out method. If you take food or trash to the park or an open green space, then you should also take it home and dispose of it. Of course, there are trash cans at the pool for use, but we’re seeing a lot of trash being left around the neighborhood. Please remind your family members to put trash in a trash can. Please also remember that trash cans at your homes should be stored out of view except for when out for pickup on trash day. They should not be visible from the front of the home.

Ada County Mosquito

The hot weather often brings mosquitos. If you have a concern about them in an area you may reach out to Ada County at 208-577-4646 to treat the area.

Elementary Friends

Calling all neighborhood elementary kids… If you’d like to meet some other elementary kids and make some friends before school starts, please come out to the community pavilion (next to the pool) on Monday, August 23rd, from 11am-1pm for pizza, otter pops, and hanging out at the playground and the pool. Please text Amber at 858-610-3913 if you know you can be there.

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