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January 2024 Community Newsletter

January 15, 2024 11:52 am

Happy New Year!

We hope the New Year is starting off well for everyone. Dues and budgets were sent out in December. If you have not made payment, now’s your final chance to do so or set up payment arrangements before late fees are assessed. We’re currently wrapping up the year-end taxes and will send the year-end financials with notices for the annual meeting shortly. We have 2 seats up for election. We’ll be sending out information on how to volunteer soon.

New Website Access Portal

If you have not registered already, we hope you soon will. Brighton is constantly looking for new ways to improve the services provided to our communities.¬† We are committed to providing our residents a superior level of service.¬† With this in mind, we¬†are excited to announce our new website access portal and mobile app. By going to¬†https://brightoncorp.cincwebaxis.com/, you’ll be able to create a login and start viewing your account balance, make payments, and sign up for e-statements.

Snow Removal

We appreciate all of you being patient and working with neighbors to help with the snow.¬†Please remember not to¬†push snow into the streets and try to keep street drains clear for runoff. The Association will clear snow at 2″ around the mailbox structures for the postal carriers. The roads are maintained by the county highway district. If you have any concerns about their services or damages they caused during plowing, reach out to them directly at 208-387-6327.

Holiday Decorations

As we move into February, please make sure your holiday lights and decorations from Christmas are removed.

Pet Etiquette

Please be sure your pets are leashed at all times when not on your property, and be sure to pick up after them and dispose of their waste in your trash receptacle. There have been incidents with dogs off leash, and these are both dangerous and scary for the pets and owners. Help everyone stay safe by following the leash laws! Please also avoid going up to other animals in yards or walking with owners, unless the owners approve. This avoids any unwanted interactions.

Parking Reminders

The CC&Rs specify that the garage should be used for parking automobiles first before any other use. This means your car(s) should be in the garage first before using it for storage, gyms, or parking recreation items. If you have more cars than garages, then you may use the driveway. If parked in the driveway, please do not block the sidewalks or walkways. When picking up mail, we understand this is a quick stop, but please use caution and watch for others so we keep everyone safe.

Fine Policy

Some homes are starting to get multiple notices for violations, getting to where fines may be charged. Please make sure you understand the rules and fine policy. Be sure not to disregard notices. This is where you have the opportunity to help us understand a situation, and work with us.

Garbage Cans

Don’t forget to bring your garage cans in and out of view. They should only be out on pickup day. We all thank you for this.

Upcoming Events

If you’re interested in organizing an event for the community, please reach out to¬†HOA@brightoncorp.com. You may view upcoming events online at:¬†https://www.homesteadeagle.com/events/.

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