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March 2024 Community Newsletter

April 15, 2024 4:42 pm

Annual Meeting

The date has been set for April 30th, at Galileo Stem Academy at 6pm. Notices will go out in the mail and via email soon.


If you haven’t made payment or payment arrangements, your dues are late and late fees are now being incurred. Please be sure to reach out before costly collection fees are added.

New Website Access Portal

If you have not registered already, we hope you soon will. Brighton is constantly looking for new ways to improve the services provided to our communities.  We are committed to providing our residents a superior level of service.  With this in mind, we are excited to announce our new website access portal and mobile app. By going to https://brightoncorp.cincwebaxis.com/, you’ll be able to create a login and start viewing your account balance, make payments, and sign up for e-statements.


We’re anticipating irrigation water somewhere around the week of April 15th.As soon as water hits the system, we will get things started and send out an update.

Pools Opening

Pools will open May 20th, weather permitting. Please make sure you are aware of the rules prior to using the facilities.

What’s Happening?

We’ve had a lot of reports coming in about things going on that we want to share. This includes:

1) kids climbing the mailbox structures, and community entrance signs

2) kids playing ding dong ditch or moving around yard decorations

3) kids drawing with chalk at the pool houses, on the bike racks and more

4) teens banging on garages and actually denting them

5) teens/kids driving golf carts or using motorbikes in the common areas

Please visit with your children/teens and even their friends about this behavior not being acceptable. Firstly, we never want anyone to get hurt. However, we also need to work together to maintain our beautiful community and not allow damage from these kinds of activities to occur.


Please keep pets leashed at all times when not on your property, and cleaned up after. It’s terribly disgusting to see the amount of pet waste that is left in the common areas. Please be responsible pet owners.

Spring Reminders

We want to remind everyone of a few key rules, and that there is a fine policy in place for those that refuse to follow the rules:

1) Garbage cans should be stored out of view at all times, except for when out for the day of pickup.

2) Garages should be used for parking first, before resorting to the driveway, and then, most lastly, the street.

3) Holiday decorations should be removed within 30 days of the holidays, so no Christmas in March.

4) Recreation vehicles or trailers should be out for no more than 24 hours for loading and unloading and then returned to appropriate storage.

Upcoming Events

If you’re interested in organizing an event for the community, please reach out to HOA@brightoncorp.com. You may view upcoming events online at: https://www.homesteadeagle.com/events/.

April 30 – Annual Meeting

May 20 – Pools Open

June 8 – Spring Garage Sale & Summer Concert

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