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May 2023 Community Newsletter

May 12, 2023 10:25 am

Annual Meeting

Please join us for the annual meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, at 6pm. Use the link below or sign in with the below Meeting ID and Passcode:

Motorized Vehicles

Please keep motorized golf carts, scooters, dirt bikes, and the like off the common areas and sidewalks. Motorized vehicles should follow the rules of the road. Please report any dangerous drivers to the police. The Association will file reports to hold parties responsible for damages to common areas.

Pet Etiquette

Please remember to keep your pet(s) leashed when not on your property, as well as picked up after. There is a Leash Law for dogs, but cats are also a problem. Help keep our common areas clean by not leaving behind pet waste.


Section 5.15 of the CC&Rs notates that the primary purpose of the garage on each lot is for the parking and storage of Automobiles. Once your garage is full of Automobiles, then you may park in your driveway.

Pool Reminders

We are currently preparing to open the pools on Monday, May 22nd. Please help us have a great swimming season by knowing the RULES and adhering to them. They are for everyone’s enjoyment and safety!

  • No oversized inflatables!
  • Do not let people in without a key.
  • The pool is not your babysitter. Kids must be 13 years of age to go alone, and if under 13, they must be accompanied by someone 18 years and older. A 13-year-old sibling cannot watch a younger sibling.
  • Please be courteous to others also at the pool! No throwing toys or balls over others or across the pool, use headphones, and no swearing or being too rough.
  • Use appropriate plastic swim pants for those still potty training. Basic swim diapers are not enough (they leak) and this causes pool shutdowns.
  • This is a neighborhood pool, wear appropriate attire. No tighty-whities, or undergarments, and please keep it classy.

Whom Do I Call?

Have you ever thought this? Well, here are some tips on who to call for certain topics:

  • Vandalism, Theft, Speeding, Noise after 10pm: call 208-377-6790.
  • Irrigation, Neighbor Concern: Ann Marie Baird, Brighton, 208-287-0514 or email hoa@brightoncorp.com.
  • Animal Complaints: Idaho Humane Society 208-343-3166, or aco@idahohumanesociety.org.

Upcoming Events

If you’re interested in organizing an event for the community, please reach out toHOA@brightoncorp.com. You may view upcoming events online at: https://www.homesteadeagle.com/events/.

May 22 – Pools Open

June 3 – Summer Concert & Food Trucks

June 10 – Spring Garage Sale

September 9 – Fall Garage Sale

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