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October 2021 Community Newsletter

October 13, 2021 1:58 pm

Happy Halloween

This year Halloween falls on Sunday, where many will be headed to bed early for work/school on Monday. If you’re trick or treating, please be courteous and avoid homes who turn off their porch lights. Remember to go out in groups, dress for the weather, take flashlights and reflective items, so you can be seen, and use sidewalks. We hope you all enjoy a very safe and spooktacular Halloween!​​​​​​

Irrigation Shut Down

We have received word that irrigation will be shut down October 15th. Be sure to schedule your sprinklers to be blown out. Now is also a good time to make sure exterior faucets are off, hoses are disconnected, and complete seasonal maintenance on your A/C and Furnace.

Holiday Decorations

Please remember that holiday lights and decorations should go out no earlier than 30 days prior to the holiday in which they are intended and should be removed within 30 days following the holiday.

Pet Etiquette

There have been complaints about dogs barking for hours. Please be a courteous pet owner and do not let them bark for excessive amounts of time. If your pet stays outside when you’re gone, you may not realize they’re barking. Please check in on your pets.


Many of the kids in the neighborhood like to ride the low scooters and go carts that are hard to see, because they are low to the ground. Being these are often beneath the line of sight for drivers backing up or turning it’s easy to see how quickly there could be a tragedy. Please consider adding a tall flag to the back of these items to help alert others to their presence and also make sure those riding these understand to look out for cars and others who may not see them.

Daylight Savings

With the arrival of Fall, our evenings are starting to get darker earlier. Daylight Savings ends Sunday, November 7th. Be sure to adjust your clocks, but also make sure that your outside lights are working. These lights are needed as children head to and from school, as neighbors walk pets, and are integral part in deterring crime. Help keep the neighborhood safe by keeping your exterior lights in good working order.


Please make sure your children and teens are aware that if they are found playing in a construction zone, pulling stakes, messing with materials or equipment or homes under construction, or riding ATVs and motorbikes in these areas, the police will be called, and they will be sited for trespassing, and held accountable for any and all damages. All constructions zones are private property, please keep safe and stay out.

Upcoming Events

November 25-26: Thanksgiving, Brighton Offices Closed

December 23-24: Christmas, Brighton Offices Closed

December 30-31: New Years, Brighton Offices Closed

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