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October 2022 Community Newsletter

October 28, 2022 11:20 am

Irrigation Shut Down

Water is expected to shut off on October 15th. Please be sure to put down your final treatments, and don’t forget to winterize your systems after it’s shut down. As you do your final fall cleanups, be sure not to blow clippings or leave debris in the street.


There’s been recent complaints about speeding happening in the community. These should be reported to the police. You can reach dispatch on the non-emergency number at 208-377-6790. There are many residents at play or walking, running, and biking, so please take time to make sure the drivers in your home are being careful drivers.

Holiday Lights

To clarify from the last newsletter, holiday lights and decorations don’t need approval in advance. Holiday lights are temporary and should not go out earlier than 30 days prior to the holidays and should be removed within 30 days after. However, adding decorative lighting that permanently stays on your property, whether on your home or in the yard DOES need approval in advance. There are guidelines regarding not unduly illuminating neighboring properties, and not operating lights at late hours for neighboring owners.

Happy Halloween

This year the holiday falls on a Monday, where many will be headed to bed early for work/school the next day. Please be courteous when trick or treating, be sure to go out in groups, dress for the weather, take flashlights and reflective items, so you can be seen, and use sidewalks. We hope you all enjoy a very safe and spooktacular time.

Daylight Savings

Don’t forget that daylight savings ends on Sunday, November 6th. Be sure to set your clocks accordingly.

Community Events

For the latest updates on food trucks and community events, please be sure to check the Facebook page…

Thursdays, Holland’s Bite & Brew 7:30am
October 19, a local farm is coming out to sell pumpkins along with 2 food trucks.
October 27, Off the Grid-L 5pm
November 2, Melt 5pm
November 9, The Kilted Kod & LaCrepe 4:30pm
November 18, Rusty Corn Dog 5pm
November 30, Sammie Shack 5pm
December 7, Melt 5pm

Upcoming Events

See Food Truck List Above, or check Facebook.

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